Empowering sustainability and transparency

Trackgood helps brands share their stories and back their claims.

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Supply chain visibility software designed to empower sustainability

Trackgood is a supply chain tracking and impact tracing tool that is trusted, low-cost, and easy-to-implement. Trackgood enables brands to build transparency in their supply chain with ease and share their impact with consumers with confidence. Authenticity and trust are backed by blockchain technology.

Build transparency in your supply chain with ease

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Be transparent

With Trackgood, brands can show their entire supply chain to their consumers with ease.

Be a storyteller

Share your amazing product journey stories. Let people know how each supply chain is important to your brand.

Tell sustainability stories to your fans with confidence

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Incorporate sustainability strategies into your business model


Stay relevant

Consumers and investors want to know what impact they are making through your product. Let them know exactly what difference they are making.

Be inspiring

Share your in-depth impact stories. As a brand, you want to help consumers make positive impacts to the society and the environment.

Transparency and traceability backed by trusted, secure blockchain technology

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Be authentic

Share your brand ethos, history, vision, and much more. Trackgood enables consumers to learn more about you.

Be credible

Each supply chain step is recorded on blockchain. Data will always be immutable and auditable.

Trackgood is for all positive change makers.

Trackgood can be used by brands of any size and any stage in their journey in building transparent supply chains or incorporating sustainability strategies into their business model.

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We're proud to be one of the first pilot cohort brands. We're excited about going live with Trackgood and can't wait to share our stories with consumers.

Little Yellow Bird

Our products are proudly made in Aotearoa. We're stoked to be able to show our transparency and sustainability initiatives to the wider community.


Trackgood makes it easy to build a transparent supply chain together with supply chain members. Easy onboarding process and low cost.

Greenfern Industries

Trackgood solves this problem:

Consumers want to know more. Brands want to show more.
But they don’t have the right tool to do just that.



John Hussey


John is a certified blockchain expert and has over 20 years experience in technology and software with extensive international experience.

Shinya Furumaki


Shinya has a breadth of experience from fashion retail, information management, product warehousing and distribution to professional translation. He is based in Japan.


Nimo Naamani

Nimo has over 25 years experience building and managing teams and products across financial, integrations, military, payments, and startup domains. He's an advisor to multiple companies in New Zealand and globally, and was on the core leadership of Reshuffle - which was acquired by Twitter in 2021.

Morne Smart

Morne is a husband and father and for a living, he helps the best companies run better processes and systems at scale and adapt them as opportunities and problems arise. He has 20 years of experience successfully implementing supply chain software for multinational organisations with top tier consultancies in Southern Africa, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

NEM Ventures

NEM Ventures is the venture capital and investments arm of the NEM blockchain ecosystem. Specialising in high tech investments, NEM Ventures promotes the growth of the ecosystem through strategic investments in projects which align with the ethos of the NEM community.