Empowering sustainability and transparency

Trackgood helps brands share their stories and back their claims.

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Supply chain visibility software designed to empower sustainability

Trackgood is a supply chain tracking and impact tracing tool that is trusted, low-cost, and easy-to-implement. Trackgood enables brands to build transparency in their supply chain with ease and share their impact with consumers with confidence. Authenticity and trust are backed by blockchain technology.


Sharing the Journey of Coffee Across the World: The Story of Barbera

Discover how Coffee Barbera is transforming the coffee industry by using blockchain technology to share the incredible journey of its coffee beans across the globe. Through its partnership with Trackgood, Barbera has created a sustainable and transparent supply chain that builds trust in its products. Click the 'Read more' link to learn how Barbera is making a difference and revolutionizing the world of coffee.

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Build transparency in your supply chain with ease

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Be transparent

With Trackgood, brands can show their entire supply chain to their consumers with ease.

Be a storyteller

Share your amazing product journey stories. Let people know how each supply chain is important to your brand.

Tell sustainability stories to your fans with confidence

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Incorporate sustainability strategies into your business model


Stay relevant

Consumers and investors want to know what impact they are making through your product. Let them know exactly what difference they are making.

Be inspiring

Share your in-depth impact stories. As a brand, you want to help consumers make positive impacts to the society and the environment.

Transparency and traceability backed by trusted, secure blockchain technology

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Be authentic

Share your brand ethos, history, vision, and much more. Trackgood enables consumers to learn more about you.

Be credible

Each supply chain step is recorded on blockchain. Data will always be immutable and auditable.

Trackgood is for all positive change makers.

Trackgood can be used by brands of any size and any stage in their journey in building transparent supply chains or incorporating sustainability strategies into their business model.

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Thanks to Trackgood our coffee journey is now visible for our customers bringing benefits such as sales increases, customer retention & new market penetration.

Cafè Barbera

Our products are proudly made in Aotearoa. We're stoked to be able to show our transparency and sustainability initiatives to the wider community.


We're proud to be one of the first pilot cohort brands. We're excited about going live with Trackgood and can't wait to share our stories with consumers.

Little Yellow Bird

Trackgood solves this problem

Consumers want to know more. Brands want to show more.
But they don’t have the right trusted tool to do just that.



John Hussey

Founder (New Zealand based)

John is a certified blockchain expert and has over 20 years experience in technology and software with extensive international experience.

Shinya Furumaki

Co-Founder (Japan based)

Shinya has a breadth of experience from circular apparel, information management, product warehousing and distribution to professional translation. He has super power level multi-tasking abilities.

Julian So

Virtual CFO (New Zealand based)

Julian has had a long career as a chartered accountant and recently had a successful exit with a company that he was an executive director and shareholder of. He has a passion working with high growth startups and brings over twenty years of commercial experience in SaaS and deep-tech start-ups. 

Jonathan Tweedie

Partnership Manager (New Zealand based)

Jonathan is a confident sales and partnership manager. With a people-centric approach, Jono successfully navigates projects from start to finish. Having lived and worked in over fifty countries, Jono's cultural acumen fuels a consultative and collaborative work style. Outside of work, he's passionate about ocean-centered activities, integrating the principles of the Blue Mind Philosophy into both personal and professional pursuits.

Christophe Gachiniard

Senior Software Developer (France based)

Christophe has 15 years of experience building and delivering products across financial, integrations and more recently the social network Twitter. He is a web application developer, specialising in generated user interface. He's also a crypto enthusiast and develops trading bots for fun.

Oleg Polevych

Full Stack Developer (Germany based)


Elio Barbera

Elio has been involved in the family business, Barbera Café Co., in Naples, Italy since 2006. He has represented Café Barbera at several international food exhibitions in US, China, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Turkey, UK, UAE, Germany, Thailand and Italy. Elio has been featured in several magazines such as Forbes, Fortune, Agrifood and more as lead innovator in the European F&B sector for the Caffè Barbera's Integration with blockchain technologies related to its coffee supply chain.

Nimo Naamani

Nimo has over 25 years experience building and managing teams and products across financial, integrations, military, payments, and startup domains. He's an advisor to multiple companies in New Zealand and globally, and was on the core leadership of Reshuffle - which was acquired by Twitter in 2021.

Darren Whitaker-Barnett

Darren brings over 35 years of business development and customer acquisition experience to our team. A New Zealand Salesperson of the Year Winner. Darren founded his SaaS tech company in 2012; a Red Herring Asia Top 100 Innovator in 2012, Deloitte Asia Pacific Fastest Growing 500 companies, 2016, 2017, 2018, Deloitte Fast 50 finalist 2018, ISO27001 Certified 2019, CEO Today Global Awards Winner 2021, and acquired by U.S Proptech company in 2021.

Morne Smart

Morne assists leading companies in enhancing their processes and systems for scalability, adapting them to emerging opportunities and challenges. With 20 years of experience, he has successfully implemented supply chain software for multinational organizations, working with top-tier consultancies across Southern Africa, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. He currently serves as a specialist consultant at Deloitte.



We have measured our Business Carbon Footprint and purchased carbon credits to off-set it with this project 'Permanent indigenous forest carbon project'.
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