Trackgood Decipher NFT

Claim your free NFT gift only available at the 2022 Algorand Decipher conference.

There is a hard cap of 2000 common and 50 rare NFTs. The rare NFTs will be randomly minted and identified by a small star.

Only 1 NFT is available for each unique Algorand address.

You will need an Algorand wallet, please use: Pera (App) or MyAlgo.

About the NFT:

  • Decipher's branding for the upcoming event is mainly Turquoise Blue. Which is mainly the new color for the digital world.
  • Algorand aims to build the most sustainable blockchain while being environmentally conscious. So a tree that shows how eco-friendly it can be with glowing butterflies that can just give the idea of what is environmental sustainability.
  • Trackgood aims for transparency and sharing stories of brands to the world. So the digital landscape created is to show that Trackgood is a trusting tracing tool and is connected to the digital world through the transparency of blockchain technology.

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In partnership with:

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