How does it work? 
Trackgood uses a combination of QR code and blockchain technologies to track product journeys and impact metrics. A unique QR code is generated from the system for a product / batch / material that you want to track. Only authorised devices can scan those QR codes. When scanning a QR code, extra info, such as impact metrics, batch info, notes, photos, etc., can be added, along with a timestamp of a scan and geo-coordinate data of the scan. When a consumer scans a QR code, they will see a summary of its product journey and impact, as well as more detailed journey and impact stories. What is unique about Trackgood is that you can map United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) to your supply chain steps and showcase what you are working on at product levels, not only in annual reports.
How do I get started?
We're currently aiming at a public launch at the beginning of 2021, and currently soliciting interests from brands across industries. If you would be interested, we'd love to know more about your cousin's business and how we can work together. At the end of our conversations, we are hoping to have a letter of interest (LOI) or a memorandum of understanding (MOU) from your end, just to be on the same page about what to expect in the coming few months, etc.
What are the requirements to use Trackgood?
Trackgood is a web-hosted service, so basically all you need is a smartphone that can scan QR codes and access to the Internet. No extra hardware or software is needed. 
Does it work for businesses of any size?
We believe Trackgood can fit businesses of any size, whether it is a sole trader selling home-made cosmetics, a small start-up providing ethically made clothings, or an established business wanting to incorporate sustainability strategies into their business model. We have different subscription plans to suit varying needs of businesses.